Calling all travel photographers - location independence is within your [IG] reach.

Grow Your Instagram and Get Paid to Travel

Let me show you how...

Discover the system that exploded my Instagram account by 760,000 engaged followers in just 5 years, and learn how you can leverage your new connections to solidify photography jobs... all while living a lifestyle you love.

Jord Hammond here, writing to you from the Land of Stagnant Instagram Accounts.

You may be familiar with this place. It’s where photographers...
Try third-party IG growth services, but the follow & unfollow game only drifts them further away from consistent IG growth.
Post stunning photos but aren't getting the reach they're after... and wonder if the market is just too saturated.
Feel like they're in constant battle-mode with the Algorithm Gods who keep burying their photos, and are keeping their accounts from playing big.

Because of this and more, so many amazingly creative
photographers aren’t making the most out of their talents.

And it gets worse...

Not only are they struggling with consistent growth on Instagram, they don't know how to approach clients and start making money through photography...

 Because Without The Engagement and First-Hand Industry Know-How...

  • Your account doesn’t get approached by potential clients
  • ​Your portfolio doesn't get viewed
  • ​Your cold pitches don’t get responded to

And here's the final crux for us travel photographers...

People think that because of a certain COVID-19...

That there is zero business available right now for photographers.

And this destroys me.

Because photography is needed more than ever right now!

Let me tell you why...
Local travel has already skyrocketed. Travelers are still traveling– they have simply just become tourists in their own countries, finding new discoveries in their backyard more than ever.

Future travel is getting redefined, and every facet of the travel industry will need to reposition their message. This means ALL new visuals to stay relevant, to promote their new changes, and to instill trust in their new guests.

By 2030, there will be an estimated 1.8 billion tourists worldwide per year, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization – that's 400 million more than last year. This stat was released at the height of the Coronavirus. 
Potential travelers will overlook destinations and businesses if their content is out of touch and doesn't reflect the times. That’s a whole lotta opportunity for photographers in the travel industry to help businesses stay relevant. 
The future of travel is both touchless and digital. Travel content will change, as well as communication between tourists, countries, and businesses. Ultimately, the need for visual representation of these changes is abundantly profound.

The travel industry is not going anywhere,
and it’s headed towards you with a vengeance.

The opportunity for you right now as a travel photographer is in full swing.

And in order to solidify jobs and get paid for your work - you need to know how to present your passion as a reputable business owner.

Regardless if your photography goal is to go full-time or not.

You still need to have business processes set up and structure in place to...

Grow your IG account.
Grow your experiences.
Grow your opportunities.
Grow your income.

Hey friend,

In this course, I’m sharing what I believe to be the best Instagram and Business system ever built for travel photographers.

It’s something I realised I was bloody good at after exploding my IG following to over 730,000 followers in the last four-and-a-half years.

The lifestyle perks that have come with it have been incredible, and I’m honoured and humbled to have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Now it's time for me to show you how to do the same!


Can you imagine:

  • Looking at all the loyal, comment-happy followers who connect with you and graciously invest in your work.
  • ​Hearing pings from DMs sliding into your inbox from clients hunting YOU down!
  • ​Seeing your photos published in your favourite travel magazines.
  • ​Getting asked to attend trips and be an ambassador for your favourite brands... all while being paid to do so!

All this and more is what I am about to teach you.

Because besides taking amazing photos
(which I know you’ve already nailed),
you need these two things to advance in the photography industry:

You need to grow and nurture a professional, engaged community surrounding your work on Instagram.
There's a lot of noise out there, and it’s time to set yourself apart instead of just adding to it. Does your audience...
  • Feel like your feed is a mini-magazine written just for them?
  • ​Connect with your style and trust you as a brand?
  • ​See your content as a breath of fresh air because it isn't replicated by anyone else?
  • ​Flood your stories and comments every time you go live?
You need to have your workflows and systems set up, so it’s super simple for others to work with you.
Once DMs start popping up in your account from potential clients (congrats!), you’ll be met with a new range of uncertainties like how to...
  • Send a proper pitch that makes them double fist pump while signing your contract
  • ​Close the deal with ease and confidence
  • ​Implement processes that inspire them to want to work with you
  • ​Ensure clients come back for a second, third and fourth project with you
All of this is what I want for you.

Because once you learn to GROW your Instagram account, you also need to learn both how you can leverage it for business, and how to make an income without it. (And this is where so many others get it wrong).

That’s why you’ll be focusing on these two pillars inside one course: growing your Instagram account AND learning the business systems so you can make money from photography.

That’s why today, on this page only...

I want to personally invite you to my breakthrough business-building and mentorship program for travel photographers...


A comprehensive and interactive course to grow your Instagram following, to start & scale your photography business, and to live the freedom lifestyle that you only ever day-dreamed of.

The perfect program for travel photographers ready to grow their social media and make money doing what they love.

Grown by 9 x and companies have reached out to ME!

"When I started working with Jord, I had 800 followers, and three and a half months later, I have 7300 – including super high engagement. I've been approached on Instagram by a few Dutch companies for collaborations, and I've even become a Dutch ambassador. It's fantastic to see how much growth I've been getting - Jord's information is insanely good!"

- @jorrocooper
You'll Learn How To:
  • Exponentially grow your Instagram authority with loyal followers who go wild over your content.
    {By owning your influence and building your profitability through organic followers and real engagement}
  • Build a photography business that supports your monetary and lifestyle goals.
    {And that doesn’t stop with just getting paid to travel - you’ll uncover eye-opening opportunities to support your goals that you never knew existed}
  • Confidently pitch clients who see the value in your work + the value in a relationship with you
    {Know how to price yourself, communicate, and negotiate so that both sides are happy}
  • Create a strong personal brand that has collaborators knocking on your virtual DM and email door
    {Then blow them away with not only your photos, but also with your internal processes that make you an absolute knockout to work with}
  • Have an A-Z blueprint of alllll things Freelancer CEO, so your next best growth move is never a mystery
    {Fall back in love with photography and rediscover why you started taking photos in first place!}
Take a look at what we'll cover...

Module 1


You'll get ready to understand:
•  The real reason you need both pillars: Instagram Growth + The Business Side of Things
​•  How to make sure you’re the next success story in your industry

Module 2


You'll get clarity on:
•  The importance behind Instagram for photographers in 2021
•  The truth behind Instagram and how to not fall prey to the myths
•  My Instagram journey and what that means for you today

Module 3


You'll analyze and identify:
•  Your audience, your niche, and your map on how to attract a particular following
​•  That your short and long-term goals align with your actions

Module 4


You'll walk away with:
•  The perfect profile strategy to take you from zero to hero
•  All facets of your profile working for you, including a username that encourages visibility, a bio that catches the eye of your target audience, story highlights that position you as an approachable expert, and a profile picture that ties it all together

Module 5


You'll master:
•  How to share content that sees consistent growth day in and day out
​•  The art of storytelling, the hacks behind killer travel content that your audience longs for, editing in both Lightroom and Photoshop and how to write value driven captions.

Module 6


You'll dive deep into:
•  Your custom strategy on how to utilise Instagram Stories, IGTV, and live shows to complement your posts
•  Story and IGTV prompts, behind-the-scenes, and overall ideas to give you unlimited content and maximum views
•  A bonus Reels + Guides lesson to make sure you're ahead of the game

Module 7


You’ll stride into the growth stage and:
•  Master the fundamental techniques to build a strong personal brand and multiply your followers
​•  Deploy increased growth techniques such as your comment strategy, hashtag strategy, getting featured strategy, and the blueprint to stand out from the sea of sameness

Here’s where we transfer into (fun) business mode...

Module 8


You'll discover:
•  What to expect with the business of travel photography
•  What is possible in terms of making this your career, your viable income trajectory, and a hold-nothing-back peek into my personal salary as a travel photographer

Module 9


You’ll  get set up with
• Re-evaluating your goals for Instagram and how you can take the next step to start making money
• The nitty-gritty things needed in place prior to pitching - your portfolio, business goals (monthly, quarterly, yearly), a professional email address, setting up your business... and how to make it all work cohesively

Module 10


You’ll uncover the eye-opening truth of:
•  Unique and lucrative ways to plant your flag in the photography business that you would not have thought possible. Choose your own adventure whether you plan to stay local, travel far, work as a side-gig, or take the leap full-time: your route can be dynamic, and the opportunities are both ample and rewarding
•  What to expect when working with different clients and insight from some of my biggest clients as to what they look for in a travel photographer

Module 11


You’ll get your photography jobs rolling by:
• Properly pitching companies to include your WOW-factor (many get this technique wrong)
• Creating a winning media kit, pitch deck, pitch emails, and follow up message
• Knowing how to price yourself and negotiate like a boss so that both sides feel they won
• Landing your first, next, or best client!

Module 12


You’ll complete this module prepared to: 
• Confidently accept the job, implement the next professional steps, provide a stellar customer experience, and get the job done to perfection
• Create recurring customers with profitable processes and client relationships that bring the heat (and heart)

Module 13


You’ll complete this module with:
• Clear cut opportunities if you’re interested in making money through sponsored posts and social media
• The ability to pitch, negotiate, and secure influencer jobs– including a tangible plan to establish relationships with PR companies in order to put your influencer jobs on autopilot

Module 14


You’ll learn how to:
•  Expand into selling your own products and build your personal brand beyond Instagram
•  Solidify work under *your* umbrella, so you always have work, even if client projects are on hold
•  Set up your website, sell and market your own products (even if you’re not sure what to sell right now). 
•  Grow your email list and set up your email marketing system so your audience is somewhere you own, too. 

Module 15


You’ll become a true CEO by:
•  Having a long-term approach to keep the longevity of your business (85% of photographers misplay this plan)
•  Staying ahead of the curve on unforeseen events (hello pandemic)

Bonus #1

(Value $1000)

This is where the magic happens! Upon purchase, you will be welcomed into this elite Facebook group for life — once a student, always a student. Share your journey and receive the support & accountability from myself and your fellow photographers. Many of my students didn't realise the value of the Facebook group until they joined. 

Bonus #2

(Value $750)

If any questions from the Facebook group need more explanation — they’ll happen here. These scheduled Facebook lives bring aspects of coaching and Q&A to each session. Many students have stated that the live sessions alone are worth the investment! 

Bonus #3

(Value $500)

We have monthly photography/editing challenges in the Facebook group to keep everyone being creative during lockdowns with some great photography prizes too.

Bonus #4

(Value $500)

This course is all about Instagram and Business, but if you feel you need to refresh your photography and editing skills, I've got you covered. I have included a bonus module with all my top tips for shooting and editing like a pro!

How I Make Sure You’ll Succeed

If you know my style, then you know my core values behind creating a program: I design them in a way you can complete, implement, and profit from quicker than you ever thought possible. And to help you leverage its learnings, there are quizzes throughout the modules that will guarantee you put each aspect of this program into motion. With the private Facebook group and monthly Facebook lives, you will have all the support you need to reach your social media and photography business success.

The Business of Travel Photography is more than just a course. This is a mentorship program that teaches you how to grow your Instagram account, gain the confidence and industry knowledge to pitch to clients, sell your photos & make money doing what you love. When you invest in this training, you become part of a family that has your back. The content is never static, and the community is never quiet – you will have support from our private circle for life.
I now see how it’s possible to make a living from photography...

“Thanks to Jord, my account has quickly increased by over 500 followers, and I'm finding it so much easier to approach clients now. I've begun working with watch brands and food companies, and my whole experience with Jord has taken a weight off my shoulders in regards to making a living from photography.” 

- @briaincolemaan

Price: $1199

Get it today for: $599

'The Business of Travel Photography’ course vs. 
every other IG and travel photography business course out there

Other similar courses on the market

Content is very general and not specific to travel photography, and most high-impact techniques are reserved for 1:1 up-sells or their high-ticket masterminds.
Usually only Q&A calls (if that) to answer student questions with limited focus on actual implementation of the program.
Helps you with either Instagram OR Business but doesn't teach you how to use BOTH together to actually profit. 
Teachers hit expert-status and become too difficult to reach and connect with online. Private Facebook groups usually aren't active and teacher rarely replies to students on the group.

The Business of Travel Photography

Super-specific and value-driven content. This course builds off each chapter and leaves nothing on the table and no room for guessing. Every angle you need to WIN with your photography is broken down into 15 effective and easy-to-understand modules that turn your passion into a profitable business.
Execution-focused with quizzes for each module, LIVE group coaching, and personalized feedback throughout.
Teaches you the TWO vital pillars to make money from photography: the growth of your Instagram account + the systems of a business owner.
My students are the life-blood of my business and my accessibility to them is paramount. My mission is to ALWAYS create content, always share value, and always connect with my people. Seriously, even with 690K followers, I still respond virtually to every single DM!

You may be wondering...

Q: Is this course live or recorded?
A: It’s both!
The course itself is recorded, giving you the ability to watch, pause, re-listen, and complete at your own pace. This ensures all my teachings are concise and easy to find. You’ll also get additional print-off PDFs throughout the course to accompany the video lessons.

You’ll then see me consistently in our private Facebook group to offer up real-time insights, as well as monthly FB lives to get your questions answered. Between the two components, you will receive the content, knowledge, and support needed to reach your photography goals.
Q: Will I get personal attention from you, Jord?
A: Being in touch with my community is one of the biggest contributors that has led to my success– it’s part of my brand and that will never change. I’ve had many students choose to enrol in my courses solely because of my approachable and ‘giving back’ demeanor. You will constantly receive my support in our private Facebook group (it’s one of my favourite places to hang out!) with any personalized responses and attention needed to help YOU exponentially grow your brand.
Q: Given the state of the world and my inability to travel - how am I supposed to make money with my photography right now?
A: Let me assure you - the travel industry isn't going out of style. Currently, many destinations survive off tourism and are gearing up to have massive comebacks - and that’s why I believe that photography to promote the travel industry will be in high-demand. Hotels, travel products, tourism groups– they will ALL need to revamp their content and ramp up their promotions to encourage visitors. This is a massive opportunity to help implement these changes.

And in the meantime? You don’t need to be on the top of a mountain to take a photo. You can work with product photography, and you can find unique places while traveling locally. I have explicitly included Module 10 & 15 to help you discover different types of gigs + how you can keep your business sustainable to help you over the corona-hump.
Q: What can I expect once I join?
A: First, let’s virtual fist bump because you’ve just joined a stellar community of humans who are committed to helping you grow your impact in the photography space. Next, you will receive immediate access to the course, as well as the private Facebook group. So jump into the group, say hello, and feel free to introduce yourself... plus you have full access to get started immediately with Module One!
Q: Will we learn about editing photos on this course?
A: I have included a bonus Photography + Editing Mastery module to get you up to speed with your photography and editing! 
Q: What if I’m still in my 9-5 job?
A: Then this is for you! The truth is, your goal may or may not be to eventually leave your 9-5. Where you want to take your business is completely up to you. I've had students who want to go full-time in their photography business, and I also have had students who are happy with discovering side jobs for extra income... as long as you want to learn to scale your social media and learn how to solidify jobs that you get paid for AND enjoy doing... then this course is for you.

To Recap, With The Business Of Travel Photography, You Get:

  •  7 laser-focused modules on the components of growing your Instagram account designed exclusively for travel photographers. You'll know exactly where to put in the work (and where not to waste your time) in order to skyrocket your Instagram account with a loyal, engaged following.
  • ​Implementation-focused structure with end-of-module quizzes that guarantee your learnings and fast-track your execution.
  • ​Private FB Group with the on-going support, accountability, and insights you need as you move forward through the program. You will be grandfathered into the lively yet intimate group of inspired travelers for life!
    •  8 deep-dive modules into setting up the business end of your photography so you can pitch, accept gigs, get sought after for collaborations, and grow a steady stream of clientele. These meaty yet easy-to-digest modules ensure you leverage your talents to maximize the profit you make from them.
    • A hawk-eye approach on monthly group coaching sessions to answer any questions that popped up for you, so you are always moving forward and gaining quick wins throughout your progress. 
    • My media kit, pitch deck, email templates, contract templates, invoice templates, presets, PDF guides, print outs planners and industry advice from some of my biggest clients, too!

    What's Even Better...

    You’ll have a rinse and repeat system to draw from every time you need to send a pitch, respond to a collaboration request, or need one-off support once you hit that next photography milestone.
    My account keeps climbing

    "My account is growing at a much faster pace! After eight years of very little growth, my account is now growing between 200 - 300 per month– I can see the acceleration and how those numbers will increase exponentially in the future, too. What's more, is that I’m receiving so much more engagement from my followers." 

    - @joetru

    Price: $1199

    Get it today for: $599

    The Business of Travel Photography Is For You If:

    You are a travel photographer who wants to get more out of your talents and life.

    That means - whether you have long-term goals of going full-time, an immediate hope of working with a specific company, plans to get some side gigs, or are new to photography altogether and not sure what you want - this course will help you get crystal clear on where you want to take it.

    Module 3 is designed specifically to help you flush your options out - so regardless of your end goal - you will receive the content and support to create a photography business your way, on your terms. And the way the implementation aspect is structured - quiz modules, Facebook support, accountability– you can bet we’re gonna get you there.

    Overall, you’re here because you’re interested in growing your following and using it as a launchpad to making money from your photography talents. I’m ecstatic to help you carve out the YOU shaped (camera) hole in the market to make it happen.

    Did we mention it's Risk-Free?

    The ‘Build Your Business,’ No-Hassle Guarantee

    The Business of Travel Photography comes with a 100% guarantee... But it doesn't just stop there. That’s because I understand the risk of investing in a digital product before you’ve seen it. (Especially as photographers – you and I both know that seeing is believing.)

    Here’s my promise to you– I promise that you will view Instagram and the understanding of how to grow your photography business in a completely new light with all kinds of new knowledge. You will have increasingly more confidence to get visible and understand the options you have in front of you to take on paid photography jobs. You’ll come out of this course with a step-by-step plan ready to put in motion to grow your account and grow your business in ways you may have never considered.
    There's a good reason I’m a successful photographer – I take your passion very seriously because I whole-heartedly believe that photographers have the power to do so much good in the world. Our world needs photographers like youThis program was created to give you the clarity, the tools, and the support you need to grow your reach and convert your skills into income.

    That’s why as you dig in and prior to consuming 20% of the material, if you can show me you have implemented what you have learned and haven’t found the program worth your investment, you can ask for a full refund, as I would not feel right keeping your money. This course was created for you to succeed, and I stand by my word to make that happen.

    Who Am I to Teach You?

    Hey, I'm Jord Hammond!

    I moved to China, bought a cheap camera, pursued my passion, and built the lifestyle of my dreams. Five years later, I’m educating other photographers on how to do the same.

    While I always had a creative talent brewing inside me, it truly came out when I started photographing my adventures. Things like witnessing eagle hunters in the remote mountains of West Mongolia, and capturing the sunset over the Great Wall of China. From that moment, I knew I needed the freedom lifestyle that continued to support these free-minded missions.

    Since then, I’ve built a multiple 6-figure business that allows me to travel wide-open, document random Wednesday sunrises, and take spontaneous adventures just for the joy of snapping a picture.

    Price: $1199

    Get it today for: $599

    “Implement what Jord says and you will see results :)”

    The Bottom Line...

    If you’ve been following me for a while, you may know a bit about my personality: loyal & brutally honest.

    I’ll always give it to you straight. And the truth is that, sure, you can try to do this alone. But here’s what usually happens when people choose this route: they continue to travel a few times a year, taking good photos, but they don’t see any significant growth on their Instagram. They keep trying to email or DM brands to no avail, and they become pretty damn fed up with their lack of success in the industry.

    Because without the proper direction and support, you’ll be wasting time, wasting money, battling algorithms, and taking on unnecessary & underpaid work that won’t launch you towards your goal.
    I warned you I was brutally honest ;)
    When you join me and your fellow photographers inside The Business of Travel Photography course, you will know exactly what you need to focus on to grow your Instagram account and your personal brand. The exact step-by-step process is meticulously laid out for you. You’ll feel confident approaching clients for work, and you’ll know the steps to take to make money within the travel photography space, both from clients and through selling your own brand and products, too. 

    Ultimately, you’ll know how to leverage yourself as both a photographer and influencer, and you’ll have the motivation and know-how to make a huge change in your lifestyle.

     And I’ll have your back every step of the way...

    Enrolment Isn't Here Long...

    00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
    Just like a college or university, enrolment is only open for a short period of time. Then I shift gears to focus on teaching, supporting, and helping you create a growing social media presence and a thriving business.

    Don't just take my word for it...

    Where We Go From Here...

    I’m sick of seeing all those other ‘influencers’ shoving opinions down aspiring photographers' throats, hoping you believe that their way is the only way to succeed.

    That’s not how it works around here.

    This is YOUR business and YOUR journey, and I want to provide you with every tested and proven method so your photography business can work for you.

    Let me help you prove to everyone around you that you are capable of reaching significant income through your strikingly gorgeous photos. I’ve broken it down and am giving away all my travel photography business secrets, so you too can become part of the business photography movement.

    I’ll see you on the inside!
    Jord x      

    Price: $1199

    Get it today for: $599